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Company Services

Chimney Teststing

Examination of air pollutants from emission sources is required for the purpose of monitoring and controlling the emission of pollutants from the chimney and compliance with emission values.


Environmental control of the sources of emissions and examination of their compliance with air quality values as requierd by the Regulations.

Calibration of chimneys continuous monitoring systems

Continuous monitoring of emissions & air pollutants, using a system which is perminently installed in the chimney.

Odor tests

Detection of intensities, characteristics, frequency and periods of time The presence of odors that can be harmful and cause negative results for the public.

Occupational health tests

 Measuring the weighted level of exposure, the level of short-term exposure and the ceiling of exposure of employees to harmful factors

Design and construction of sampling balconies

Standard, safe and accessible sampling surfaces and sampling openings for the purpose of testing air pollutants in the chimney.

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