Calibration of continuous monitoring systems in chimneys

Eco-Tech The leading laboratory in Israel in the field of air monitoring

The Automated Measuring System (AMS) is a system that is permanently installed in the chimney and aims for continuous monitoring of emissions of air pollutants in the chimney.

Using the continuous information obtained, it is possible to monitor the compliance of the emission source with the permitted emission values ​​set for it in the standard.
The continuous monitoring system includes, among other things, the sampling system, the sample preparation system, the detector and the reporting system of the results, as well as monitoring of additional parameters such as: temperature, oxygen, humidity and the like.
The “Continuous Chimney Monitoring Procedure” (2017) published by the Ministry of Environmental Protection defines three stages of quality assurance, QAL1-3 (QAL- Quality Assurance Level) and a stage of annual inspection (AST test) that require the owner of the emission source.
These tests are performed separately for each contaminant required for continuous monitoring.
Using a series of tests that Eco-Tech Environmental Services performs in the chimney with a detector for continuous monitoring, a calibration equation is determined that is inserted into the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s reporting system and the plant’s AMS system. In this way a continuous monitoring system calibration is performed.
Eco-Tech Environmental Services is certified to the EN-1481 standard, which specifies the calibration requirements and has extensive knowledge and experience in performing continuous calibration of monitoring systems.

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